Four Essentials to a Strategic Plan That Works

You know you need to make a plan for the company’s next year, but you feel a familiar sense of dread. Every year, it results in a giant, convoluted binder that is inevitably pushed to the back of the shelf three months in. How do you plan more strategically, so you end up with something that actually works? Is there a better way to set the company up for the future you want?

In this episode, Megan talks with her husband and Chief Product Officer, Joel Miller, about the four essentials you need to create a strategic plan that works. They discuss the vital importance of vision, alignment, and execution—and how to ensure you have all three and don’t lose any of them along the way. You don’t have to settle for planning that is onerous, cumbersome, and quickly irrelevant when you incorporate these four ingredients to transform the planning process and clear the way for success. 

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Common pitfalls of having an overcomplicated plan
  • Helpful questions to ask while creating a long-term vision
  • Why you must not confuse operational plans with strategic plans
  • How to create alignment between the vision and individual tasks