Focus on This Spotlight: Two Rituals to Start and End Your Days

As a high achiever, you have the ability to laser focus and put out huge productivity. But it can seem like your life has no boundaries. Good habits slip away and unproductive ones take their place. 

It’s time to ditch that feeling that you’re always a step behind. In this episode, Courtney and Blake show you two simple hacks that will get your personal habits under control and set you up for a win every single day.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How to structure the beginning and end of your day so you consistently accomplish your daily targets.
  • The relationship between our feelings and rituals—and what we can do about it.
  • Two questions to ask yourself if your rituals aren’t currently working for you.
  • Practical steps to avoid getting sucked into your phone or Netflix.
  • How to identify the activities that will leave you rested and rejuvenated.