Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s Your Action Plan

Leaders thrive on getting things done. The problem is that there’s more to be done than any one person can accomplish. That can leave you feeling overwhelmed, even paralyzed. Ever found yourself procrastinating because you couldn’t decide what to do next? 

There’s a better way.

We’ve got a simple plan for any time you feel overwhelmed at work. These four action steps will help you regain your margin and be more productive than ever.

If you find yourself feeling dread rather than excitement when you think about work, it’s time for a change. Try it and see!

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside this episode—   

  • What’s really making you feel overwhelmed. [1:08]
  • The real secret to ending overwhelm. [4:26]
  • How to regain a sense of control in your life. [5:09]
  • A simple technique for culling your to-do list. [7:30]
  • How your favorite productivity tool might be contributing to your overwhelm. [9:41]
  • How to recognize your productivity sinkholes. [12:39]
  • How the doom loop of dread, procrastination, and overwhelm contributes to your problem. [13:32]
  • How an associate or mentor can help you identify the key tasks that drive your overwhelm. [14:44]
  • Why not delegating costs you both time and money. [16:09]
  • How your need for control is driving your crazy! [18:09]
  • The emotional flip-flop that occurs when you learn how to delegate. [21:06]
  • Entry-level ways to begin delegating, even if you don’t have an assistant. [20:01]
  • Why it is vital that you calendar your work, not just your appointments. [24:12]
  • Why you need to add personal tasks and projects into your daily planning. [26:28]

Who Do You Know Who Needs This?

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