Don’t Love Your Job? You Have 3 Options

Has this ever happened to you? You land what you think will be your dream job. But after a few months, you realize you can't stand  it.

Aargh! That’s happened to us, more than once. Sometimes the job wasn’t what you thought. Sometimes the role changes as the company grows (or downsizes). And sometimes you just realize you’re in the wrong career.

Either way, it kind of makes you feel stuck. It’s demotivating to wake up every day and realize the job you have is not the one you want.

But there’s hope! We’ve held dozens of jobs in the business world. We know better than anyone how easy it is to wind up in a role that doesn’t fit. Over the years, we’ve reshaped our responsibilities, switched jobs, and even changed careers. It can be done!

You don’t have to be stuck in a job, or even a career, that doesn’t match your passion and proficiency. In this episode, we’ll give you three possible actions you can take. One of them is sure to lead to a role that’s right for you.

We’re also joined by Ken Coleman, host of The Ken Coleman Show and author of The Proximity Principle: The Proven Strategy That Will Lead To The Career You Love. If you think your best option is simply to find a new career, you won’t want to miss his advice.

A job is like a pair of running shoes. With the right fit, you can go a lot faster and feel a lot better. Today, we’re going to help you get the right fit.

Here’s a peek inside the episode:

  • Big Announcement about Megan’s family! [0:28]
  • Michael talks about making the decision to re-career after his role changed dramatically. [2:50]
  • Learn why it’s not a good idea to “just quit” a job you don’t love. [4:20; 27:54]
  • Find out how the Freedom Compass™ can help reshape your current role. [5:55]
  • Get tips on how to learn and grow in a job that’s limiting you. [8:10]
  • See how to approach your boss when you want to eliminate, automate, or delegate parts of your current role. [9:03]
  • Understand how to leverage your current experience, even if feel “too old” or “too young” for the job you want. [10:27]
  • Learn why it’s critical to separate your role from your identity. [13:00]
  • See the critical signs that you are in the wrong job. [18:23]
  • Learn to overcome the fear of re-careering or making a major change. [19:37]
  • Find out how to leverage the power of relationships when your résumé doesn’t match the job you want. [23:30]
  • See how the right attitude always leads to opportunity. [27:30]

Here’s what we hope this episode will do for you. We hope it’ll help you see that you have options. Don’t spend another year lamenting the fact that you’ve wound up in the wrong spot. Today is the day you can begin to make a change!

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