Destroy Distractions with These 9 Focus-Boosting Strategies

As business owners, we’ve learned that we can’t do our best work sandwiched between meetings and phone calls. We need focused time for strategizing, writing, and working out difficult problems. You probably do too.

But how many times do you get distracted in a typical day? Ten? Fifty? A hundred? Research indicates that the average worker is distracted once every three minutes. We’re swimming upstream against a flood of emails, notifications, texts, and drop-in visitors. You just can’t be productive in that environment.

The good news is that regaining your focus is easier than you think. Just a few simple practices can slam the door on interruptions and give you the focused time you need for high-leverage work. These are things you can start doing right now, today.

Here’s what’s you’ll gain from this episode—

  • Practical tips for creating “alone zone” for deep work.
  • The practice of “meeting free Thursdays” and how it’s impacted our business.
  • Apps and sites that can help you block distractions.
  • The types of food scientifically proven to increase mental acuity.
  • The scientific link between music and problem solving.
  • The best methods for timing breaks to keep your mind fresh.
  • How to use your the one tool you use the most as a firewall against unwanted meetings and visitors.

Plus, our producers surprised us with a pop quiz about our favorite productivity hacks. It was a ton of fun!

After you listen, we hope you’ll choose at least one or two of these simple practices and start using them today. You’ll be amazed at how it will boost your productivity.

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