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There is a minimum threshold of 15 in-person clients per intensive. If we do not have the minimum number of registered attendees at the close of registration, that intensive will be canceled.

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Special Edition Intensive

Promise: In addition to our regular program offerings, we have an exclusive special edition intensive each quarter.

Michael Hyatt, our Founder, and Megan Hyatt Miller, our CEO, will share their latest thinking on an opportunity or challenge faced by business owners like you. Based on their years of experience, ongoing engagement and coaching with entrepreneurs, along with their own personal research and experimentation, Michael and Megan will offer you fresh and actionable insights you don’t want to miss.

What are the topics? We typically keep the content of the intensive a surprise until the day of. No prep is needed. Just come ready to learn!

Open to all BusinessAccelerator clients, this intensive will be both in-person and virtual. In-person seating is first-come, first-serve. But anyone wanting this exclusive content can register for either format.

Continuity Planning

Promise: Preserve your business and legacy by proactively preparing your successor and team.

If you want your business to grow beyond you, it’s critical that the day-to-day operations and the overall vision and mission of your company can thrive in your absence. Besides, no one wants to feel chained to their work 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day. In this session, you will learn how to experience personal freedom and financial growth simultaneously by following essential steps to building business continuity. As a result, it will finally be possible for you to take an extended vacation or even a sabbatical without compromising your business growth or overall success.

Subtract and Scale

Promise: Free up resources to scale by doing, deciding, designing, and delivering less.

Programs, processes, commitments, even people all tend to accumulate in our businesses and personal lives. The result? Overcommitment and underperformance. With too much complexity and too little bandwidth, it’s tough to deliver results. But by cutting underperformers and consolidating resources to scale, you can achieve more by doing, deciding, designing, and delivering less. After leaving this intensive, you’ll be equipped to free up resources—mental, emotional, financial, time—for more impactful goals and opportunities.

Delegation Mastery

Promise: Effectively execute your vision by empowering your team.

Effective execution of your vision requires both the right team and the right tools. In this session, you will learn how to distill down what needs to be delegated and, then master the delegation process by using our Vision Caster tool. In addition, you’ll learn the skills needed to share the vision with your team, and learn to trust an executive assistant and other team members who can take on tasks so that you can be free to do high-leverage work.

Your Hiring Roadmap

Promise: Minimize turnover, save money, and scale your business by hiring well.

Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake, as is employee turnover. This session will show you a step-by-step process to prevent both and how to recruit the A-level team you need to take your business to the next level. You will learn how to create a careers page that attracts the best prospective hires, filter through applicants and find the best ones, land your ideal candidate and make them successful, and know when to schedule check-ins with your new great hire.

Positive Company Culture

Promise: Scale your business by developing your team and cultivating healthy company culture.

Advanced scaling requires cultivating team culture that replicates your passion without tying you to the day-to-day. According to Harvard Business Review, investing in your culture can boost net income over 700% in eleven years. In this session, you’ll learn how it’s done, including practical steps you can use to create a values-driven, high-performing culture. You’ll learn how to leverage candor to cultivate team loyalty, how to create experiences that get your employees invested in your vision, and how to replicate the distinctive values you’d impart one-on-one to a small staff on a much larger scale.

High-Leverage Customer Experience

Promise: Drive the future growth of your company by leveraging your customer experience.

Your customer journey doesn’t end at the sale. In fact, what comes afterward is even more important—especially for the good of your business. We’ll cover four keys of that proactively serve your customers and keep people coming back for more. You’ll learn a strategy to unlock your company’s potential and best serve the people who need the solution you provide—which taps into fiscal growth that only a robust customer base can provide.

Avoiding Money Mistakes

Promise: Achieve freedom by taking control of your finances.

Learn how to lean into financial freedom and avoid the most common money mistakes business owners and leaders make. You will have breakthroughs around your cashflow by learning how to value your time, optimize your profits, understand what reports to analyze and when, and how to create buy-in and ownership for each member of your team.

Next-Level Innovation

Promise: Cultivate innovation intentionally to scale your business.

Innovation is the pathway to a better future for your business. Without it, your business risks becoming inefficient at best and irrelevant at worst. But what is it, exactly? And how can you leverage it practically? In this intensive, you’ll unpack these questions and more. Reframe how you think about innovation, explore processes for generating and iterating your best ideas, and leave the day ready to implement one idea to take your business to the next level.

Business Goal Achievement

Promise: Set intentional business goals will help you achieve your company’s vision by avoiding lack of alignment and sideways energy.

You won’t achieve your dreams for your business until you turn those dreams into goals. Goals make it possible to create effective strategies and translate those plans into daily action. In this intensive, we’ll apply the concepts of SMARTER goals and the Weekly Preview at a business level and introduce a tool that will revolutionize your delegation. Whether you’re a Best Year Ever regular or have yet to set a goal, you’ll leave this intensive clear on what you want to achieve in your business this year and how to enlist your team along the way.

Mission and Values

Promise: Your mission should connect and align your team to a larger purpose and results that scale

If your mission and values live in a forgotten file instead of the minds and hearts of your team, your operating results will suffer. We all want a reason to work, one that calls forth our best effort. And we want to work on flourishing teams that challenge and support one another. You’ll leave this intensive prepared to equip your team with the why behind their work, values that create cohesion, and concrete key behaviors to bring the culture you imagine to life.

Your Work-Life Balance

Promise: Achieve peak productivity and protect your personal priorities by optimizing your energy.

Too many business owners attempt to solve their problems by working longer hours and implementing every time management strategy they can find. But they’re making a mistake. The game to win isn’t time management. It’s energy management. In this intensive, you’ll discover the time-energy paradox, build rhythms that keep you refreshed, and design a week that balances your personal priorities with the needs of your business. You’ll leave feeling relieved and excited about the life you get to lead.

High-Profit Contribution

Promise: Accelerate your business results by spending your time and effort where it matters most.

Most business owners waste thousands of dollars every year while believing they’re doing what’s best for their business. How? They spend their time completing tasks others could complete better or faster. To make the highest contribution to your business, you need to understand your hourly rate and your high-leverage work. And, you need an effective strategy to eliminate, automate, or delegate the rest. When you leave this intensive, you’ll be equipped to commit your time to your high-profit contribution.

Effective Team Alignment

Promise: Prevent sideways energy and lack of efficiency by consistently aligning your team.

Even if you don’t realize it, you probably have a communication problem. Poor communication causes much of the friction business owners experience. Whether you’re trying to rally a team around an idea or navigate how to respond to failed expectations, this intensive will equip you with the practical skills to have productive conversations. Clarity and cohesion will boost morale and performance. By the time you leave this intensive, you’ll be equipped to refine the most foundational leadership skill: communication.

Scalable Sales and Marketing

Promise: Optimize your sales and marketing to scale your business.

Cash flow is the heartbeat of any business. But the best solutions are virtually worthless until they connect with the people who need them. You need strategies to bring in new customers—and offer more profitable products to the customers you already have. In this intensive, you’ll walk through marketing and sales foundations and then build on your learning. You’ll leave equipped to scale your marketing, engineer your sales process, and fine-tune your pitch.

Recession-Proof Your Business

Promise: Rescue your company from shocks and setbacks by following this simple process.

Rising inflation is a recipe for unease. Whether or not a recession is inevitable, it won’t hurt to be prepared—especially since mastering these transferable skills will help you weather any crisis. Start by becoming the nonanxious presence your team needs. Head off risks and anticipate opportunities. And sort through who needs to know what, and when. Leading in a changing economic landscape requires courage. But you’ll leave this intensive up for the challenge.

Mind Your Mindset

Promise: Tackle any difficulty you face in your business with a simple and proven three-step process to generate solutions that get results.

All business requires effective problem-solving. It’s part of building any plan. It’s also part of fixing one that’s not working or optimizing one that is. Problem-solving is a skill that can be taught, and it all consists in (1) recognizing how to identify the stories we’re telling ourselves about the problems we face; (2) separating facts from fiction to ensure we properly understand the challenges; and (3) taking what we know and imagining new responses to the situation. When you leave this intensive, you’ll see how to break down any difficulty you face and generate new solutions that get results. 

This intensive will be a unique experience hosted at the Full Focus office just down the street from the Harpeth Hotel in downtown Franklin. This is in-person only, and capacity is limited for this date.

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**DISCLAIMER: The Company reserves the right to change topics based on demand.