Tired of Making No Progress on Goals? Try This

Leaders are driven to achieve. The problem is that our intense drive can backfire. We sometimes set unrealistic goals or timetables, which are impossible to meet. Not that we don’t kill ourselves trying!

When that happens, it’s easy to feel exhausted and discouraged. Why does everybody else seem to make rapid progress? Is there a way to get unstuck?

There is, and it’s simpler than you might think. Our decades of business experience have taught us this simple principle for making steady progress: Consistency beats intensity, nearly every time. Rather than a big breakthrough, maybe all you need is a simple plan that will bring consistent results. 

When you begin to think this way, you’ll see dramatic changes in your life and business. You’ll finally escape that feeling that you’re “getting nowhere.” And you’ll begin to see steady results in your business and personal life.

Here’s a preview of this episode. 

  • The huge edge that habit goals have over achievement goals (and why you need both). [3:55]
  • The one thing you need before you can make progress on any goal. [5:20]
  • What happens when you put “how” before “what.” [8:21]
  • The best way to know whether you’ve got clarity on your goal. [9:37]
  • How focusing on a big goal can breed procrastination (and how to get past it).  [11:11]
  • A real-life success story produced by the consistency mindset. [13:56]
  • A simple daily action that keeps any habit goal on track. [20:49]
  • Why tracking daily actions is so motivating. [22:20]
  • The Achilles’ heel of achievement goals. [23:47]
  • A simple secret to ensure you keep taking consistent actions. [30:00]
  • The one trait you need in an accountability partner, and the one trait to avoid. [31:20]

Your Next Step

Once you’ve heard this episode, here’s your next step. Download the free Perfect Progress Checklist. Identify one daily action that will drive progress on a goal. Begin using the checklist and start making progress now!  You won’t believe how effective this is. 

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