Trey Jordan

Overview/Qualifications: If you’ve been to a Kroger in the Southeast region, you have seen Trey’s products. He was previously an owner of a Jason’s Deli and won Franchisee of the Year, and now has two foodservice concepts that have Southern staples like pimento cheese and chicken salad in grocery stores. Trey does business on a large scale with annual revenue of eight figures and is also a realtor and developer. In one year, his business grew an astonishing 40%.

Turning point: A self-professed grinder versus planner, Trey realized his work life wasn’t aligned with his personal life. He was going to the office at 5:00 a.m. and leaving late. Trey discovered that, while his work ethic was a strength, he was taking it too far by thinking he had to touch every part of the business since he was in charge. Being overly responsible meant this family was taking a backseat, and Trey decided that he couldn’t continue on this trajectory. He credits Michael Hyatt and Company with completely changing his mindset and giving him the tools to be his best self. After joining BusinessAccelerator, Trey learned about the Freedom Compass and began using his Full Focus Planner to set objectives for life and work.

Double Win: Trey was able to cast a vision for his Double Win and realized that time with loved ones was what he desired most. He wanted to spend meaningful time with his wife, children, and father. After changing his routines, Trey was able to make his people a priority. He has taken four vacations this year, dates his wife, and feels more at ease than ever before.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Coaching is a partnership for Trey, and he truly believes in the transformation it can create. Especially adept in working with clients with multiple companies and large teams, he walks alongside his clients who are stressed and overwhelmed and helps them to make life-changing decisions for the better. He is excited to help others achieve their own Double Win and is passionate about the Michael Hyatt and Company training system that focuses on the whole person.

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