Sonja Rheaume

Overview/Qualifications: Using the wisdom gleaned from working in the electrical construction business started by her great-grandfather, Sonja has honed her skills in solving problems and customer experience. After her family’s business was sold, Sonja joined a company accruing an annual revenue of eight figures that she continues to lead while remembering her family’s legacy. She is now that company’s president and serves as a leader in her industry working to make women feel welcome in what has historically been a male-dominated arena. Sonja is a proud mother of three adult and teenaged children.

Turning point: A self-described achievement junkie, Sonja came to BusinessAccelerator through Your Best Year Ever. She was originally looking for support in goal setting and stayed in BusinessAccelerator because of the lack of business education available to her in the construction field. Soon she realized that her health had been suffering due to the strain she put on herself and knew that she needed to make a change.

Double Win: Before BusinessAccelerator, Sonja kept work as her top priority with everything else behind it. She realized that prioritizing her health could help her improve the results around everything else, and her life took a big change for the better. Now she produces better results at work and is able to enjoy time with those she loves the most.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Sonja has learned so much from BusinessAccelerator, and paying that forward is what brought her to coaching. She sees coaching as a two-way street where she learns just as much as her clients do. Being a coach and coached has made Sonja a better leader, and she wants to continue to partner with clients and help them achieve the results they are looking for. She is passionate about showing her clients that the Double Win is possible, helping them achieve it, and celebrate her clients’ wins together.

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