Ruthie Slingerland

Overview/Qualifications: Ruthie’s passion for helping others is evident in her six-figure business and 15 years of leadership and coaching experience. Over the years she has amassed an impressive 800+hours of coaching work with individuals and corporations . She and her partner in business and life, her husband, Jamie, work with leaders and provide insight into tools like the Enneagram and Gallup Strengths Finder. She believes in spending her life learning and aims to do so using our company’s tools and methodologies. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Ruthie spends time in both the United States and in her native Puerto Rico.

Turning point: Concerned that she and her husband were not having enough time to connect due to their business, Ruthie wanted to change that instead of waiting to retire. 40 years loomed before retirement, and Ruthie was exhausted, overwhelmed, and dealing with burnout physically and mentally. Living Forward, coauthored by Michael Hyatt, brought Ruthie to Free to Focus, the Full Focus Planner, and BusinessAccelerator. Her breakthrough came during an intensive when she realized that there was unfulfilled potential in her and that she could change her life and her family’s future to be exactly what they’d dreamed of.

Double Win: Ruthie and her husband thought that their dream of financial freedom with opportunities to travel, spend time with their children, and grow their business was just that—a dream. However, this Double Win became a reality for the Slingerlands by using the tools from Michael Hyatt and Company. She and her husband use the Living Forward book as a life plan for their day-to-day. She lives her life with intentionality and has grown in her mindset, which has helped their business grow by 20 to 25% annually for the last three years.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Transformed by her own coaching experience, Ruthie wants to help others make a shift in their professional and personal spheres of life. Building trust while challenging a client is a focus for her, and she knows that active listening is the most powerful tool in a coach’s arsenal. Helping clients who are going after growth and achieving their Double Win is Ruthie’s mission.

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