Rob Thompson

Overview/Qualifications: Rob knows what it takes to grow. He owns multiple businesses with over seven figures in revenue, including one that he started with $14,000. Rob has over a decade of experience in CEO and president positions. He is committed to investing in people, especially his wife and four children.

Turning point: Rob was initially unsure as to why he’d need BusinessAccelerator. He attended an event with a friend who was going after the Double Win, but Rob didn’t think this was for him. He filled out two Task Filters, one for his day job and one for his real estate business, and realized that there was not one item from his day job that was in his desire zone. Rob was sacrificing his Double Win for a sense of vocational responsibility and an inability to say no, which led to him having two jobs.

Double Win: As the father of four children, Rob knew that the result that mattered the most to him was having the margin to the best at his most important role—dad.He has achieved that and serves as the middle school basketball coach for his boys. Rob credits the clarity he has been given in BusinessAccelerator with understanding time is a finite resource. In addition to the freedom with his schedule, his business has experienced 30% growth in 3 years.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Rob’s results in BusinessAccelerator led him to want to become a one-on-one coach. He felt it was a special opportunity to teach, coach, and invest in others in a context that he believes in. To him, commitment, trust, and alignment are the three most important characteristics of a solid coaching relationship.

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