René Banglesdorf

Overview/Qualifications: René knows what it takes to be at the top of your game. Only 4-6% of the leadership positions in aviation are held by women, which makes her status as the co-founder and CEO of a private aviation company rare and remarkable. She has closed ten figures in deals in more than 40 countries. René is also an author, speaker, and podcast host. Her husband is her business partner and they have two grown, married children and one granddaughter.

Turning point: A desire to have more for her life and business led René to join BusinessAccelerator as one of our very first clients when it was an activation workshop tied to Your Best Year Ever Live. She was consumed by the day-to-day operation of running her business and felt completely buried by the bane of many professionals’ existences—email. René knew that more was possible for her, and she began applying Michael Hyatt’s framework to her life.

Double Win: René’s results have been featured in Free to Focus, and it’s easy to see why. In five years she has cut her work hours from 60 to 20 per week, earned her undergraduate degree, gotten her private pilot’s license, been appointed to several boards, and gotten into the best shape of her life. Her business has grown by 50% over 3 years, and she is now able to be its owner instead of an operator with time for professional development and mentoring others in the aviation industry.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: René was drawn to coaching for several reasons. First, she knew that that work would hold her to a higher standard and push her to achieve more. Second, she wanted to make the remarkable transformation she had possible for others. René is passionate about working with women in business, especially those intimidated by the business they’re in, who are struggling to win at work and succeed at life. Finally fostering a community like the one she benefited from at BusinessAccelerator is what drives her as a coach.

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