LeeAnn Moody

Overview/Qualifications: LeeAnn truly understands what it means to go after your dreams. For ten years, she worked for one of the Big Four accounting firms where she lead initiatives in assurance and human capital management while distributing an eight-figure budget. LeeAnn supported over 500 people worldwide, which ignited a love for coaching. She led by example in the fast-paced corporate world coaching women on how to achieve a balance between work and life. LeeAnn is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has coached a broad range of leaders from small business owners to military officers to corporate executives. She and her husband Jimmy have deep ties to the community thanks to Jimmy’s nearly 80-year-old family business, which also provides her with insight into the unique challenges of small, family-owned businesses. They love to have adventures in the great outdoors with their two young boys. 

Turning Point: LeeAnn knew she needed to change her relationship with work when her health began to suffer. After returning from maternity leave to a completely restructured position (which included doing the job of three people), LeeAnn felt the crushing pressure of navigating corporate life with a young family. She determined to find a new way to live and work, for the sake of her health and her family. Even so, she didn’t want to give up her passion for her career to make that possible. Leveraging her years of corporate experience along with the power of the Full Focus System, LeeAnn learned she can do what is best for her family without compromising her professional growth and results. Using the Freedom Compass and Full Focus Planner, as well as many of the other methodologies and systems taught through BusinessAccelerator and Full Focus Enterprise, LeeAnn is thrilled to be able to enjoy a fulfilling professional life while simultaneously savoring her personal one.

Double Win: LeeAnn’s Double Win has to do with being present and positive at home. After years of long hours and driving to and from the office in the dark, she now eats breakfast and dinner with her family every day. LeeAnn is able to maximize her family’s weekends since she isn’t exhausted and trying to catch her breath. She has also been able to make the Double Win a reality for her husband, and they are able to prioritize making special memories with their boys.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: LeeAnn is especially talented in working with clients around shifting their mindsets and reframing deep limiting beliefs. As an Enneagram 8, LeeAnn is direct, utilizing the rare skill of both candor and kindness, to help her clients tap into the wisdom they already have to get incredible results at work and in life. She helps clients move forward and get out of their own ways to make the results they desire possible.

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