Kevin B. Jennings

Overview/Qualifications: An Enneagram 2 through and through, Kevin is here to help. With boundless energy, enthusiasm, and empathy, he motivates clients to go after their true potential. He’s worked with big names like Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins, and William Morris Endeavor with clients like Oprah to expand their brand and reach. Kevin wears many hats in his professional life, including business coach, personal brand strategist, and DJ. Married for over a decade, Kevin has two children.

Turning point: Kevin knew that he was becoming a workaholic and sought to change it. As a self-described recovering perfectionist and people pleaser, he held onto a limiting belief that he would not be able to both pursue his dreams and be present for his family.

Double Win: Work used to come first for Kevin, but it doesn’t anymore. After joining BusinessAccelerator, he learned that his businesses were a part of him and not a definition of him. Kevin realized that he could trust his capable team and take time off when it mattered most, like in 2020 after the birth of his youngest child. ​​Using BAC’s financial management tools, he has doubled his margins, which has and still is dramatically changing his business. In two years, Kevin’s businesses have experienced an annual revenue increase by almost 50%. His businesses no longer control him; Kevin is the one in control.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Kevin is talented at working with clients looking to level up in leadership, needing to scale their business, or aspiring to become a luxury brand. He thrives on working with clients who have more than one area of focus, and he has worked with executives, entrepreneurs, authors, and artists. Kevin loves giving business leaders a safe place to figure things out and helping them forge a path to achieve their vision for their business and plan for their life.

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