Jim Williamson

Overview/Qualifications: Jim has built a successful career leading and growing organizations based in large part on his ability to ask great questions, listen well, speak with candor, and identify talented people with whom to collaborate. Having spent segments of his career in Public Relations and non-profit management, Jim spent 14 years as an executive with the largest produce distribution facility in Tennessee with eight figures in revenue and a team of over 100 people. Having coached both established and emerging leaders for several years, Jim ventured into full-time coaching, and he generously shares his wealth of expertise and wisdom with our clients using our signature tools and methodologies. Influenced by spending a good portion of his career in the foodservice and hospitality space, Jim has come to appreciate creative food and good wine over great conversations with great friends. Jim and his wife have three daughters. 

Turning point: Jim’s arrival to BusinessAccelerator was due to his connection to our CEO, Megan Hyatt Miller. While serving on a board with Megan, he was invited to meet with her and our Chief Coaching Officer, Michele Cushatt. Jim resonated with our core values and how we consistently lived into them, while simultaneously experiencing business growth and dynamic work culture.  Like peanut butter and jelly, Jim’s experience and the Full Focus System were a natural fit, making him a valuable addition to the Full Focus team of Coaches

Double Win: Jim wasn’t looking for a Double Win, but he found one being a part of BusinessAccelerator. He feels he is now exponentially better as a coach and consultant as a result of the frameworks that he has learned. He credits BusinessAccelerator with giving him a vocabulary to express some of the principles that he was already teaching. Jim says that BusinessAccelerator has given him the tools to help clients get unstuck, which he uses for himself as well.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: As a proponent of organizational health, Jim’s coaching focuses not only on helping entrepreneurs and organizational leaders scale their businesses, but he also seeks to help them clarify their values and implement practices that create irresistible cultures. He helps leaders navigate organizational, industry, and societal changes to move their organizations towards their vision.

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