James Reid

Overview/Qualifications: J.R. is a Peak Performance Strategist who helps relentless leaders master life, business, mental, and emotional strategies so they can make winning a lifestyle. Since 2005, he’s empowered clients to confidently balance their pressure-packed careers with family, finances, and health. Some of his clients include World Series Champions, All-Stars, Hall of Famers, and Fortune 500 Executives. J.R. has been married for over 13 years and has three children.

Turning point: A life-altering car accident in 2016 gave J.R. a major wake-up call. Before then, he was on a career path that was affecting his health and most important relationships. After his accident and with a second chance at life, J.R. devoted himself to mastering peak performance and showing up bigger for his wife and three kids.

Double Win: J.R.’s results were so profound that they were featured in Michael Hyatt’s book, Your Best Year Ever, and online course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. His marriage and family grew stronger while his new coaching business took off.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: J.R. has unmatched levels of energy and experience that his clients love. Plus, he’s real, trustworthy, and he goes to battle with you – a rare combination in sports and business.

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