Eric Scherrer

Overview/Qualifications: Eric helps leaders at all levels master clear processes that create space and margin at home and work so they are free to win in all aspects of their life. Since 2008, he has provided leaders with the tools they need to integrate their lives and careers into a winning combination. Serving in one of the most demanding career fields, Military Fighter Aviation, Eric has led winning teams during both combat and peacetime. His unique balance of empathy and engagement has made him the trusted advisor to leaders ranging from Three Star Generals to growing business owners. He and his wife of sixteen years have two sons.

Turning point: Following a life-altering combat deployment, Eric knew that his life needed to change. He read Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and knew that he wanted to figure out how to navigate his high-pressure job and be a good father and friend to his wife. Eric and his wife then reread Living Forward together, and he says that that changed his life.

Double Win: Eric has given himself to mastering the art of integrating his work and life and being present and consistently engaged with his wife and two sons. He is able to show up for his family and those he leads at work, often serving as mom, dad, coach, and mentor to the men and women in the Marines. During the pandemic, he was able to successfully navigate training while serving as the academic dean for all aircraft instructors without any illness.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Eric’s passion for helping leaders master process improvement and life integration is unmatched. He’s real, committed, and a genuine guide in the battle to win at both work and home. He has been a coach since joining the Marines, and his passion is working with those who are struggling to balance life and home with work.

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