David Limiero

Overview/Qualifications: David understands what it means to be called to your work. After serving as a pastor for twenty-five years, he served in a leadership role at a church planting firm with an annual revenue of over eight figures that has planted over 1,400 churches in 46 states and Canadian provinces and 23 countries. David now coaches and consults full-time with his own nonprofit. Faith and fellowship are important to him in all aspects of his life, whether that is leading his team or mentoring others. David and his wife of over 30 years, who is also a partner in his ministry, have three adult children.

Turning point: Feeling like a fire department for his team, David knew that things had to change. He was constantly solving problems, working two full-time jobs, and feeling totally burned out. He knew that change needed to happen so that he could live in overflow instead of overwhelm. David was most concerned that he would continue on this path for the rest of his life and pass it on to his children. It was then that he found Michael Hyatt & Company and started poring through Michael’s blog. After starting with BusinessAccelerator, David had his first breakthrough thanks to an intensive all about delegation.

Double Win: David’s Double Win had nothing to do with finances; instead, he wanted to be fully engaged as a father, go hiking, and take the vacations he was skipping before BusinessAccelerator. He leveraged his team at work using tools from an intensive to fix the bottleneck that had been created and cut 70% of the requests that had been made on his team. David credits the Vacation Optimizer with making his dream vacation happen thanks to planning and intentionality.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: With over 32 years of experience coaching others in and out of the church, David has witnessed the transformation working with a one-on-one coach can bring. He has had a coach as well and knows firsthand how much mentorship can change someone’s life. David is a rare combination—a systems and processes thinker with a passion for hearing people’s hearts He believes in leveraging platforms and processes to free people up for their mission. David is passionate about working with leaders of all ages and in all roles within their organization. He believes that the partnership between a coach and a client can change someone’s life for the better.

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