Danielle Brooks

Overview/Qualifications: Danielle has made a career of working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and high-profile clients such as the CIA and ExxonMobil for over a decade. As the CEO and owner of a Virtual CFO Accounting Firm, she doesn’t shy away from what makes most business owners sweat—money. She saw firsthand how much financial clarity can make or break a business and when she overhauled her mother’s company and increased the annual revenue by 500%. This led her into a business where now she partners with us to help create such transformations for our clients.

Turning point: Recognizing something was wrong was what led Danielle to seek out BusinessAccelerator. She knew she wanted to spend time with family and friends, but, when she would find herself taking part in life and events with those she loved, she was not present. She read books from Michael Hyatt & Company and soon joined BusinessAccelerator. She loved the community of other business owners who are like-minded high achievers, and she had her first breakthrough when she learned about the SMARTER Goal Framework.

Double Win: For Danielle, her Double Win was all about not being in a tug-of-war between home and the office. She wanted to be fully present with her family, sleep at night, and pursue spiritual and physical health. Danielle has accomplished that and more with prayer and exercise routines, vacations, and the ability to hire more people. She is especially proud of being able to take maternity leave from her own business with her third child that was nearly triple the amount of time she took with her oldest two children. Danielle’s Double Win has extended in ways she couldn’t have anticipated. Since joining BusinessAccelerator two years ago, her business has grown 144%.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Danielle was drawn to being a coach because she wanted to help others achieve the transformation that she did. She credits the growth she has experienced and the ability to apply what she learned in BusinessAccelerator to having a partnership with her one-on-one coach. She encourages her clients to dream and achieve with transparency and strategy and shows them that they don’t have to do it all to succeed. She helps her clients get unstuck and navigate different seasons of life.

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