Angie Deming

Overview/Qualifications: Angie’s super power is vision, and it is taking her company places. She is president of the 22nd largest independent finance company in the United States and will take it to first place before she retires. Being able to know where she wants her business to go and how it will get there serves Angie well. Her business continues to grow year after year, and her workforce has grown 57% employees since joining BusinessAccelerator.

Turning point: Debilitating pain that zapped all enjoyment from her business brought Angie to seek help from Michael Hyatt & Company and BusinessAccelerator. Her work was in all areas of her company, and she was completely mired in her drudgery zone. After being a member of BusinessAccelerator for four quarters and implementing what she learned, Angie began working on things about which she was passionate and moved from her drudgery zone to her desire zone. Knowing what was in her zone trickled down to her employees, and she now has all of her team working in their desire zone 80% of the time.

Double Win: For Angie, her Double Win could be summed up in one word—balance. She wanted to improve her business, while working less, and spend more time with her husband and children. This seemed impossible, especially when she wanted to create sustainability in her company so that it would outlast her. Angie made the impossible become possible and cut twelve hours from her workweek, has a hard stop every day so she can prioritize her family, and enjoys regular date nights with her husband. She is taking six weeks of vacation this year and knows her business can run without her. Plus, her business’ growth by 86% last year proves that her Double Win has worked.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Being a part of BusinessAccelerator has ignited a fire in Angie to pay forward her success by being a one-on-one coach. She recognizes the impact that mentorship has had on her on this journey, and she takes the lessons she’s learned to benefit her clients. Her strengths include helping business owners delegate and hire awesome people, and she prioritizes trust, accountability, and alignment between herself and her clients.

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