Alena Metzner

Overview/Qualifications: Representing the third generation of her family’s business as owner and president, Alena knows the impact and importance of succession planning and legacy. This legacy extends to a desire to improve her industry in her role as the president of a multi-million dollar water treatment company with 18 employees. Alena plans on acquiring another water treatment company and building her own building. Her dedication to her goals has driven this success and ensure excellence in all that she does at work and with her coaching clients.

Turning point: It was in 2017 when Alena made a change after a wake-up call on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. She was in Italy with her family and felt completely disconnected from the experience, the place, and the people she loved dearly. She was spending so much of her time thinking about the business that she lost sight of what was right in front of her—rest and rejuvenation. This revelation led Alena to Michael Hyatt & Company and BusinessAccelerator, and she began going after her own Double Win.

Double Win: Alena previously thought that, as the president of the company, she needed to do everything herself. Her original Double Win was leaving the day-to-day grind of the business behind so that she could be freed up for high-leverage work. She learned in BusinessAccelerator and in her sessions with a one-on-one coach that she was trying to run and grow her business at the same time without taking stock of what was the best use of her time. Using the Freedom Compass transformed her working life and made her Double Win a reality. She now spends more time than ever with her family, cooks dinner every night, supports organizations she’s passionate about, and has witnessed her business grow on average annually by 33% over the past three years.

Why Coaching/Ideal Client: Alena’s experience with her own BusinessAccelerator coach made her passionate about working with other high achievers who think that they have to be superhuman to run their businesses. She loves solving problems and encouraging her clients while holding them accountable. For Alena, it's important to find some silver lining or opportunity to celebrate and show her clients that even the smallest step forward can help them gain traction towards their own Double Win.

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