Celebrate Eagerly to Boost Your Company’s Success

Your company is producing strong results, but your team seems weary. The success of yesterday unintentionally gets lost in the grind of today. How do you rejuvenate your people to continue on and even reach for new goals?


In this episode, Michael and Megan discuss the way a culture of celebration leads to confidence for your team and momentum that breeds success. They share their tips on approaching celebration both thoughtfully and practically and equip you with tools for making it a regular part of your routine, so you can create engagement, foster teamwork, and drive greater performance. 

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Why it’s vital to celebrate your team’s wins
  • The value of public acknowledgment 
  • 3 ways to show your team you see and appreciate them
  • Pro tips for investing in celebration, even if it doesn’t come naturally