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What to Expect in Your Business Growth Coaching Call

During this 45-minute call, you will:

  • Clarify the goals you have for your life and business that motivate you to succeed.
  • Pull back the curtain on your situation and reveal the obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Paint a vision for what you want your business and personal life to look like.
  • Determine a path to help you make this vision a reality.

At the end of this call, you will understand what’s holding you back as a leader and have a clear roadmap to move forward.

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Success Stories

Meet Our Business Consultants

Brent High

Brent High

Sr. Business Consultant

A country boy at heart, Brent spends as much time as possible riding his tractor on his farm in Hickman County, Tennessee. Brent claims he is the fourth-best athlete in his family and can usually be found at a gym cheering on his wife, Emily’s, basketball teams, or at a field serving as the no. 1 fan for his two boys, Houston and Hunter.

Johnny Poole

Johnny Poole

Business Consultant

A native of the South, Johnny loves to spend time with his wife Janell and 3 daughters, travel, try new foods and drinks from all over the world, laugh, play sports, engage in racial reconciliation, and mentoring.