Episode: Bonus Episode: Free Chapter from Free to Focus

Megan Hyatt Miller: Hi, I’m Megan Hyatt Miller, and welcome to this bonus episode of Lead to Win. I’m joined by my dad, Michael Hyatt, today for this special episode to talk about your brand-new book that’s coming out on Tuesday. So what is it?

Michael Hyatt: Meg, I’m super excited about this. In fact, honestly, I’ve never been more excited about a book I’ve published, and this is my ninth book.  I’ve never been more excited about a book than this one. It’s called Free to Focus: A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less. I still love that subtitle. I think it says it all.

Megan: Yeah. Today, we’re actually going to share the first chapter of the book with our listeners, which I’m super excited about. So if you’re listening, you can get a little preview to this book. I think this is the most important book you’ve ever written, and maybe that’s because, just personally for me, it really has changed my life. I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed and not as in control as I would like to be to feeling highly productive and confident, and I think that’s the same transformation the readers of this book are also going to experience.

Michael: Yeah, I’m excited about that too. I think just getting the testimonies, the endorsements… There are like 50 endorsements on the book. We’ve had thousands of students go through this content when it was a course and when it was a live event. So this is the distillation, the best of the best. I’m excited for people to hear this first chapter.

Megan: Me too. Next week we’re actually going to do an episode that’s a book launch party on the podcast, which is going to be so much fun. In advance of that, again, we wanted to give you guys who are listening the opportunity to hear the first chapter and enjoy it and kind of see the value of what’s going to be in that. There are also some really exciting bonuses for people if they go ahead and purchase the book, so why don’t you tell us about those?

Michael: I’m going to get into the bonuses a little bit more next week, but for those of you who can’t wait, go to We have almost $500 worth of free bonuses related to this content, including a video series, including a database of email templates, including the Audible version of this book, in fact, what you’re about to hear, but this is all available. All you have to do is buy a copy of the book and put your receipt in, and then you get to claim the bonuses. Again, that’s all at

Megan: That’s awesome. There are so many cool things there. But that’s not all, because we also have a contest for the Free to Focus book, which is that we’re going to be giving away on the podcast five book bundles of your most popular books ever, which include Your Best Year Ever, Living Forward, Platform, No Fail Meetings, and of course, Free to Focus. For your chance to win, we want you to share this podcast episode on social media with #freetofocusbook. Just share it on social media, and then we’re going to announce our five winners on the podcast on April 9. So tune in next week to find out if you’re one of those winners.

Michael: Awesome. Let’s get to the chapter.

[Excerpt from Free to Focus]

Megan: I hope you enjoyed that preview of the book. These concepts have really transformed so many lives from being overwhelmed to in control, and I know they’re going to do the same thing for you too.

Michael: By the way, remember to share this episode on social media with #freetofocusbook. You might be one of the five winners to receive a copy of our book bundle, which includes Living Forward, Your Best Year Ever, Platform, No Fail Meetings, and of course, Free to Focus. We’re going to announce the five winners on our next show, which is going to be aired on April 9. So tune in next week to see if you’re one of our lucky five winners. Until then, lead to win.