BusinessAccelerator Client Benefits

In addition to the material you’ll receive at each coaching intensive, there are a number of resources available to you that will complement the work you’re doing within the BusinessAccelerator program. Listed below all of your benefits, along with how to access them:

The quickest way to request information about your BusinessAccelerator benefits is by visiting our Help Bot. 

  • Four Quarterly Intensives: Each quarter you will have access to a day long intensive training session where you will get to learn new content, problem solve with expert coaches and your peers, and get prepared to conquer your next 90 days. You can learn more about the courses we offer at THIS LINK.
  • Full Focus Planner Annual Subscription: Your Annual subscription will coincide with your membership term. We’ll send a Full Focus Journal and set of Full Focus Notebooks, along with your Planner, to the shipping address that you provide on the Intake Form. If you are already a subscriber, feel free to cancel your current subscription. You will have the opportunity to update your planner subscription each quarter during the intensive registration process. 
  • Online Course Access: Our online courses are available to you as complimentary memberships. You will receive an email with login details, which you’ll have access to throughout the entirety of your BusinessAccelerator™ membership. You can locate our online course dashboard at
  • Online Community Invitation: Click here to gain access to our online community hosted on Mighty Networks. It’s a great place for you to connect with other members and receive announcements from our team.
  • Weekly Q&A Calls with Michael Hyatt: Each week, you can join Michael live for a one-hour Q&A call. This is a great time to reconnect with your peers and hear their struggles and wins, as well as ask any questions and get direct input from Michael.