Answers to 10 Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask Us

Ever wanted to have coffee with us? Here’s your chance! This episode is a Q&A in which we answer your questions!

Every week we get tons of questions from listeners, mostly through social media. Today’s questions all originated from an Instagram story. So if you’re not following @michaelhyatt, you’re missing a great opportunity!

Here are some of the great questions we received.

  • What’s the best way to recover from a whirlwind of a day?
  • How do you get the leaders you manage to take more responsibility?
  • What’s the right number of goals to set in one year?
  • How do you keep work from invading family time—when you work with a family member?
  • How can I use daily rituals when I have an unpredictable work schedule?
  • How do you integrate the Full Focus Planner with the Getting Things Done method?
  • How can I launch a new business while finishing my college career?

We’ve got practical answers to these questions, plus a few more. Did we give advice you can use? We sure hope so. Let us know what you think!

Honestly, we love fielding these questions because it keeps us in touch with what you need. We don’t want to guess at the challenges your facing or the questions you’re asking. We’d much rather hear directly from you.

That’s why we’re launching a brand-new listener survey today! We want your feedback to keep making this show practical and enjoyable for you. You can take the survey right now. It’ll just take a few minutes and it’s totally anonymous.

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