Scale Your Business. Find Your Freedom.

The BusinessAccelerator coaching program helps you enjoy the rewards of a growing company without the pressure of doing it yourself.

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Proven results


revenue growth


reclaimed hours per week


increase in confidence


took an additional week of vacation


Doing it all yourself only gets you so far.

Success is no stranger to you. Your sheer determination, persistence, and ceaseless effort have created a winning business.

  • So why does it feel like the business owns you?
  • Why is your team struggling to keep up?
  • Why is your organization not growing faster than the industry average?
  • Why does the next level of success seem frustrating to reach?

Success is on your shoulders.

The success your company has experienced is the result of you driving its growth.

When you insist on remaining your company’s primary growth engine, you risk serious consequences:

  • Business: Unless you delegate and implement proven growth systems, your company is more vulnerable to volatile markets and competitors.
  • Health: The extra hours and tight deadlines take a toll on leaders’ health and the culture of their business. The result can be deadly.
  • Relationships: When leaders have a greater burden at work, their families and closest relationships often pay the price.

It’s time to structure your business to grow for you, not because of you.


Don’t seek help from just anybody.

Building a business is hard, but you don't need to recreate the wheel when it comes to setting up your company for growth.

There’s a better way to scale your organization. And it doesn’t come from piling more on your plate.

When you leverage the experience of a proven coach, you flatten steep learning curves and reach your goals faster.


The future you want is within reach.

For the last five years, Michael Hyatt & Company has been teaching and equipping leaders with proprietary tools to help them win at work and succeed in life through our coaching program. Based on the teachings of New York Times bestselling author and coach, Michael Hyatt, they've developed a three-fold approach for scaling businesses, leading teams, and achieving high-impact financial and organizational results. Clients who implement this process in their first year can expect a 67% revenue growth while working 11 hours less each week.

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The Three-Fold Coaching Approach

BusinessAccelerator is a coaching program that helps business owners scale their businesses without sacrificing their health, personal lives, and families. And it all happens because of our proven group coaching approach.

Situation-driven training is flexible and customized to the challenges of your business.

Weekly Q&A sessions with Michael Hyatt and other coaches. Get real-time answers to the toughest challenges you and your business face today.

Monthly Expert Spotlight. Join live conversations with some of the nation's most sought-after experts on a variety of subjects, including marketing, hiring and retention, financial planning, and more.

Without reliable systems, your business cannot scale. We will bring you through a unique process that gives business owners from any industry a path to growth.

Quarterly Coaching Intensives. At each intensive, you’ll receive advanced training and a custom toolkit designed to help you take action immediately. The day is structured so you leave with your company's "next steps" already in motion. Our team of coaches will personally guide you through challenges at each event. The goal is to send you into the next quarter with the clarity and motivation to succeed.

(We’re currently meeting virtually until COVID-19 clears, with plans to start up our in-person meetings in Franklin, TN this Fall/Winter.)

You will connect with like-minded business owners who have been pre-qualified by our team and are at your level. This mastermind will be a safe place to openly test your ideas, thinking, and help you avoid mistakes and harness your potential.

Monthly Executive Mastermind. You will be placed with a handpicked group of 6-9 other business owners or leaders. Each month, you’ll meet virtually with a specific agenda to help you discover opportunities, collaborate for solutions, and get the support you need to grow beyond your comfort zone. If you want to push past your limits, you need accountability. This executive mastermind is the group that’ll hold you accountable.

Digital Community. BusinessAccelerator provides you with a virtual platform to connect with the 475+ clients in our program at any time. That means that if you have a question or need instant feedback, you can get it from our team and experienced client base any day of the week.

Business Accelerator is proven to drive results.

In the first year of the program, our average client experiences . . .

Imagine having the confidence in your systems, team, and leadership to hand off low-leverage tasks, and free yourself to steer the company to the next level of success.

With less time at work.
More time with your family.
And more time pursuing other interests.

We call this the Double Win, when you can win at work and succeed at life. Clients in BusinessAccelerator make this happen every day.

Why not you?



revenue growth



reclaimed hours per week



increase in confidence



took an additional week of vacation

* These results are self-reported and unverified. Your results will vary, depending on numerous factors, including your implementation of the program's principles and strategies.

Why join Business Accelerator?

The three-fold coaching system gives you crucial guidance, systems, and support to scale your business without sacrificing your personal life, health, and relationships.

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Does Business Accelerator work for my industry?

The short answer is yes. You'll be pleased to know that we have served over 50 industries in this program, and not one sector makes up more than 7% of our total client base.

A diverse cross-section of companies has an additional benefit. Peering into the internal workings of other industries can spark ideas that become a competitive advantage for you in your business.

  • Printing & Manufacturing
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Hospitality
  • Financial services
  • Travel
  • Online business
  • Fast food and restaurants
  • Electricians/Plumbers
  • Medical professionals
  • Construction
  • Ministry leaders
  • Agriculture
  • Lawyers
  • Educators
  • Real Estate
  • And more

Business Accelerator at work.


    “After we joined BusinessAccelerator, the next year we grew 160%. The year after that—even in the middle of a pandemic—we grew 33%. We are on track to grow 60% more than that this year.”


    “Once I joined BusinessAccelerator, I finally felt like I was fulfilling my calling in life; that my business was becoming more than a means of income, but an outlet for my passion, principles, and love for people. The best part of it all is along the way I don’t have to miss out on what matters most.”


    “BusinessAccelerator allows you to dream bigger dreams for yourself. The value far outweighs the investment. You can grow your business and still live your life.”


    “I used to be the lid on my business. Learning to delegate enabled me to focus on what matters most.”


    “For people that want to lead better, this program is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”


    “The three most powerful results my business had from BusinessAccelerator was 40% increase in revenue, a 50% increase in client base, as well as myself and my team have a work-life balance we can be happy about.”

Get off the field and into the owner’s box.

Some people are players. You are an owner. When you implement what you learn in BusinessAccelerator, you shift from doing the work to leading your team to the next level of success.

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How do I join Business Accelerator?

Apply for a Discovery Call and one of our business consultants will reach out, share more about the program, answer questions, and ensure you're a good fit for BusinessAccelerator.

Spots are limited.

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