5 Steps to Avoid Investing in the Wrong People

What do you do when you have a customer you just can’t seem to satisfy? Or a team member who seems resistant to coaching? What about someone in a personal relationship who seems to suck the life out of you?

Sometimes it seems feels like the people who demand the most of your time and energy offer the least in return. What can you do about it?

Good leaders develop people. The problem is that not all employees or customers are created equal. Some can fail to develop despite hours of time and energy. It’s maddening to pour your resources into a relationship that gives nothing in return.

But there’s a better way.

We’ve identified five steps to ensure that you’re not wasting energy on the wrong people. We can help you multiply your effectiveness by investing in the people who really want to grow and improve.

You can escape from life-draining clients and customers, and discover the freedom to work with people who energize you.

Here’s a sample of what we share in this episode:

  • Our stories of the customer we couldn’t help. [3:14]
  • Why you can’t afford to waste time on people who aren’t motivated. [6:02]
  • Why humility is a prerequisite for choosing who to invest in. [6:58]
  • Why you should say “I don’t think I can help you” more often than you do. [7:28]
  • How a calendar review can help eliminate the deadwood from your customer base [10:02]
  • Reasons you may need to end a business relationship. [11:52]
  • Why we sometimes hold on to difficult relationships way too long. [13:52]
  • How to terminate a client or customer. [14:45]
  • How to identify the people you should be investing in. [16:54]
  • The very best way to ensure that you invest time in productive relationships. [18:47]
  • A fun—and unusual!—new app to help you focus. [20:45]
  • Why your use of time isn’t just about you. [24:59]

Does it sound mean to talk about ending unproductive relationships? It’s not, and we prove it inside this episode. Let us help you get your energy back so you can spend it where it really counts!

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