7 Must-Have Tools for Remote Work

You want to stay productive while working at home, but it’s not easy! There are challenges in team communication, collaboration, conferencing, and document sharing. And? You’ve got to set up an entirely new workspace. It’s challenging. And, especially at first, exhausting. 

We’ve got help. Based on nearly a decade of working remotely and leading remote teams, we’ve got the tools you need to stay productive. With these recommendations, you can stop fumbling around for solutions and get your team back to work right now.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • How to simplify team communication and avoid lost conversations.
  • The difference between synchronous and asynchronous tools.
  • What you can do to automate tasks and processes and save time.
  • Tips on maximizing your video conferencing experience with your team and clients.
  • Simple solutions for sharing and collaborating on documents and files.
  • Suggestions for staying focused when your kids (or other people) are making noise.

Want a list of all the tools Michael and Megan mention in this episode? Download the free resource, The Remote Work Toolkit: 7 Tools to Make Your Work Easier.