Encore Episode: The Power of Personality

Leaders must motivate people. The problem is that everybody’s different, so what inspires one team member may demotivate another. It can be confusing to lead a diverse team. But personality is not an unsolvable puzzle. And we’ve got three powerful tools to help you put it all together.

We’ve identified three personality assessments that give you a clear understanding of how your team members think, feel, and work. Use these in your business, and you’ll never wonder how to motivate your team again. You’ll gain an engaged, focused workforce that will bring their best energy to work.

Here’s a peek this episode:

  • We reveal our own journey with using personality assessments. [0:25]
  • Why we use personality assessments in our business. [2:10]
  • Why it’s more productive to focus on strengths than weaknesses. [4:29]
  • How it affects a team member to be free to focus on strengths. [5:40]
  • We reveal our top five strengths. [6:17]
  • How knowing a teammate’s strengths helps your working relationship. [9:50]
  • A clear, concise description of the Enneagram. [13:08]
  • How knowing your direct report’s profile helps you be a better leader. [15:56]
  • The best metaphor for leading a diverse team to produce results. [17:22]
  • Author Ian Cron weighs in on the mistakes leaders can make with personality assessments. [18:21]
  • Why we don’t use the Enneagram in our hiring process. [20:19]
  • Amy Bruske of Kolbe Corp. answers the question “Why do smart people often have trouble getting things done?” [23:15]
  • A quick description of the four modes of the Kolbe A Index, which measures how we initiate work. [24:40]
  • How knowing a person’s work style helps them excel. [25:32]
  • How the Kolbe A Index helps you determine whether a person will succeed in the role you’re hiring. [26:33]
  • What happens when a person is not “hardwired” for the role they’re in. [29:09]

Now that you have a handle on these personality instruments, here’s what we hope you’ll do. Pick one of these and take it yourself. After you become familiar with it, you’ll be able to determine when and how to roll it out to your team. 

You’re going to love this discovery process!


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