5 Questions to Get Unstuck and Achieve Your Goals

As the end of the first quarter approaches, now is a good time to reflect on how your goals are going. Hopefully you're progressing on all of them and feeling great! However, there's a good chance that at least one of your goals is either dragging behind or stuck entirely. If that's the case for you, then there's no need to panic! This episode is going to help you get unstuck and get moving towards your goals.

To help get you moving, Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller share five questions that will help you get unstuck. After that, Joel speaks with Tim Vandehey, co-author of the book, Swipe: The Science Behind Why We Don’t Finish What We Start. Tim explains what “swiping” is, how it pertains to goal achievement, and how you can leverage this knowledge to propel yourself forward.

To learn more about Tim’s book, visit https://swipethebook.com/.

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