4 Steps to Generate Clear Vision

As a leader, you know you need a vision for your business. And you want to generate that vision so you can communicate it to your team. There’s just one problem. You don’t know how!

Is vision some mystical thing that comes down from the mountain? Do you need to get away to the desert? It’s confusing! You might even conclude that you just don’t get the “vision thing.”

Good news: we’ve been leading with vision for decades, and we have totally demystified the subject of generating your vision for the future. We’ll outline that process in four steps that you can begin taking today. 

When you do, you’ll realize that you do have a vision. And you can articulate it for yourself and your team. You’ll gain instant confidence in your ability to lead. And you’ll be well on  your way to creating the roadmap to your future. 

In this episode you will—

  • Understand the difference between mission and vision. 
  • Identify the biggest roadblock leaders face when generating vision.
  • Realize the high cost of aiming too low. 
  • Get a simple hack to help you see what the future could be.
  • See why a slogan is not the same as a vision. 
  • Find out how to make your vision compelling to others. 
  • Learn the best way to refine and improve your vision.
  • Gain the confidence to define the future you want to create!

After you’ve listened to this episode, here’s your next step. Download our free resource 3 Strategic Pitfalls to Avoid in 2020, and use it to begin formulating your vision for the next three to five years. Your future starts now!

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