Encore Episode: 4 Rituals That Make You Super Productive

We all want to be more productive. But you know how it goes—a little late getting started, a quick task you just remembered, and then it’s non-stop interruptions all day long. Where does the day go?

Trust us when we say we’ve been there. But we finally learned a simple hack to start the day right and maintain focus all day long. 

The secret is a set of four daily rituals—or routines—that get your started right every morning and, every evening, set you up for success the next day. 

Don’t panic! When we say “rituals” we’re really talking about daily routines. You could also call them “stacked habits.” It’s a way of batching all the pesky (and some really important) things that could become disruptions as the day moves along. 

Put these rituals to work for you, and you’ll break free from that feeling of being always a little behind. You’ll replace that with a feeling of calm and control because you know you’re fully prepared for each day.

Inside this episode

  • What a “ritual” is (and isn’t). [4:05]
  • Scientific reasons why habits work for you. [4:32]
  • A simple formula for starting a new habit. [5:12]
  • Three benefits of installing daily rituals. [5:33]
  • The 9 elements of Michael’s morning ritual. [7:28]
  • How Megan adapted her morning ritual to having young children. [8:16]
  • Megan’s current morning ritual. [9:11]
  • They key question that makes for a great ritual. [10:42]
  • Why it’s vital to estimate the time needed for each ritual. [11:56]
  • How a startup ritual declutters your day. [13:03]
  • Elements of a solid startup routine. [13:39]
  • The very best way to avoid bringing work home each day. [16:43]
  • A simple hack to protect the time for your morning and evening routines. [19:03]
  • The best way to ensure that you leave the office on time. [19:45]
  • How timing evening routine on time sets you up for success the next day. [24:12]
  • How to get started with creating your daily rituals. [27:04]

Excited to try building your own rituals? Good news. We’ve got a free Build-Your-Own Ritual Kit™ you can download here to start optimizing yours today. Better, more intentional rituals are a simple but powerful tool for improving our lives.

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