3 Reasons You Can’t Stop Working (And How to Fix It)

Some of us are immensely compelled to work. It seems that we just can’t stop. Most of us don’t see it as a problem. We live in a society that congratulates and celebrates those with a strong work ethic. But the truth is, this approach causes you to pay the price with your health and most important relationships. If the cost is so high, what’s really driving the behavior?

In this episode, Megan and Michael talk through the things we tell ourselves about why we work, how we can get on a more balanced course, and what dangers we face if we don’t.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • What we tell ourselves about why we work so much
  • How to achieve the Double Win—winning at work and succeeding at life
  • Why people really overwork
  • The effects of COVID on our overwork
  • A better path forward