3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Business Coach

You’re a high achiever, and you want it to stay that way. That means you need some coaching. But these days, it seems like everybody with a laptop and a website is a business coach. How do you know if you’ll be getting solid advice?

Based on over a decade of experience with business coaches, we’ve developed a successful coaching framework that’s producing real-world results for our clients—both at work and in life. We’ll give you three key questions that will instantly evaluate any prospective business coach. 

Answer these questions, and you’ll gain instant clarity on your decision. You’ll be free from the worry that you’re taking the wrong advice. And you’ll start seeing fresh results in your business and your personal life.

Here’s a sneak peek inside this episode—

  • Why you need to choose carefully when selecting a business coach. [2:52]
  • The dirty little secret of the business coaching industry. [4:30]
  • Why business coaching is now a “wild west” environment. [5:16]
  • Our worst experience with a business coach. [6:14]
  • The first thing you need to look for in a business coach. [7:43]
  • The difference between a great talent and a great coach. [8:53]
  • Questions you can ask to uncover a coach’s experience level. [9:44]
  • Does it matter if the coach has experience in your particular industry? [12:08]
  • How to tell if a coach is taking their own advice. [13:47]
  • Why it’s vital to see that your coach’s strategies have been used in other businesses. [15:05]
  • The best question to ask a coach about their methods and outcomes. [16:11]
  • How to know for sure that a coach can help you. [17:42]
  • Tips for finding out how effective a coach really is. [18:44]
  • The difference between the two major coaching formats. [22:00]
  • Why you should absolutely start with a group coaching format. [23:35]
  • How group coaching builds your skill set faster than one-on-one coaching. [24:25]
  • The hidden benefit of participating in a coaching group. [25:56]
  • Why coaching groups are often better at accountability than a one-on-one coach. [26:29]
  • The final question to ask a prospective coach. [29:31]

Now that you’ve got some perspective on how to evaluate a prospective business coach, here’s your next step. Take the free Business Health Assessment. It will evaluate your business based on 7 key metrics. You’ll get a personalized score on strengths and weaknesses. And that will give you instant clarity on where your business needs to grow. 

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