3 Essentials for Executive Moms

As a leader, you thrive on the challenges of running your business. But if you also happen to be a wife and a mom, you feel pulled in another direction. It seems that whenever you’re at work, you’re thinking at home. And when you’re home, you don’t feel fully present either. You may wonder why you can’t seem to get it together, like so many “Super Moms.”

Here’s the truth: Super Mom is a fictional creature. Every successful leader who is also a mom must navigate the challenges of this unique role. And you can! 

We’ll show you how to quit trying to “do it all” and get clarity on the things that really matter to you. When you do, the weight of those unrealistic expectations will fall away. You’ll find be super-focused when at work, and fully present at home. 

Here’s a preview of this episode.

  • Why this topic is valuable for men too, also for women who are not moms. [0:40]
  • Why being a professional mom is different from being a professional dad. [3:09]
  • The most dangerous myth that working moms struggle with. [4:23]
  • The forces that shape our expectations for ourselves as women. [7:34]
  • Why you have to get clear and specific about what a “win” looks like at home. [8:32]
  • The key question that will lead you to freedom as a working parent. [9:08]
  • Why success may look different in your family than in another’s. [10:30]
  • The killer emotion that derails many working moms. [11:11]
  • A simple exercise that helps you stop pumping the ambition brake. [11:30]
  • The single best way to navigate this issue with your spouse. [19:48]
  • What is “co-parenting” and how is it different from many think? [20:16]
  • Questions spouses can use to help set family priorities. [22:10]
  • Why balance matters more than fairness in managing your home. [23:02]
  • One set of preconceived notions you should set aside when negotiating agreements with your spouse. [23:17]
  • Why self-care is vital—but elusive—for working moms. [28:35]
  • Tips for designing your own self-care regimen. [30:12]
  • The one gift you must give yourself as a professional mom. [34:03]

After  you listen to this episode, try this. Ask yourself the question, “What do I want most in my home and family life?” If you are married, include your spouse in that discussion. It’s your first step in shedding unrealistic expectations and creating a “win” at life. 

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