3 Actions to Lead Through Today’s Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has created a lot of uncertainty for business leaders. Nearly every business has been affected, some drastically. Many are dealing with a dropoff in sales, learning to manage remote teams, and tremendous instability. It’s frightening, exhausting, and really shakes your confidence.

Here’s help. Having led businesses through crises before, including the Great Recession, we’ve learned what it takes to navigate tough times. We’ll share three basic actions that boost your confidence to face the current reality and find new opportunities for your business. You’ll be transported from fear and reactivity to become balanced, confident, and optimistic, yes, even now! 

In this episode, you will—

  • Discover the three aspects of crisis that you must recognize. 
  • See why self-awareness and self-care are so vital during this time. 
  • Learn why thoroughly assessing the threat leads to confidence in dealing with it. 
  • Gain tips for mitigating threats to your business. 
  • Identify opportunities you may not have seen if not for this upheaval.
  • Get a simple, three-step system for enrolling your entire team in your action plan.