3 Actions to Beat Your Biggest Distractions

What’s your biggest distraction? Be honest! For us, there’s no question about it—our biggest distraction is ourselves. Too often, we find ourselves responding to text messages or jumping from one low-priority task to another instead of tackling more demanding work.

Well today, we’re going to show you how to beat distractions and make yourself more productive than ever!

Research shows that the typical worker is interrupted about every three minutes. All those little breaks tank our productivity.
Today we’ll tell you how to—

  • Silence the noise (literally) that interrupts your focus.
  • Gently but firmly discourage drop-in visitors from breaking your concentration.
  • Use technology to fight technology, which so often interrupts your work.
  • Increase your frustration tolerance so you resist the temptation to bail on a task.
  • Heighten your focus with music scientifically proven to help you concentrate.
  • Use social cues to signal your unavailability for a “quick question.”
  • Wean yourself off of dopamine, the brain chemical that produces a momentary high when checking messages.

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